EPC Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Our EPC Drain Cleaning service uses the latest drain cleaning technology that reliably and easily identifies where the blockages are within your plumbing system, and then quickly unblocks it, leaving you to get on with your day (or night!).

We love our drain unblocking tools and so do our customers because it means we spend less time and energy guessing where the problem may be. This doesn't mean we don't like getting dirty, because once the blockage is found, we quickly take the necessary steps to deal with that blockage.

Most drain blockages are managed through inspection openings or access via pits with non-invasive actions such as water blasting the blockage or tree roots that may have caused such a problem. We initially inspect the problem drain with drain cameras identifying where the issue lay, we remove the blockage and we finish the job by inspecting it again with our cameras, so you can be sure it is resolved. We can also provide this information for insurance purposes. Some serious blockages do require digging and removal of that part of the pipe.

We often get asked how do pipes get blocked? The most common are; grease being poured down kitchen sinks, hair, toilet paper, tree roots, sludge, soap, and sediment blockages.

A suspected blocked drain or broken pipe is a nuisance. A blocked drain is most often identified by;

  • a sink, bath or shower being slow to drain (showing a blocked waste or sewerage blockage),
  • a toilet which doesn't appear to flush (showing a sewerage blockage),
  • during rain, instead of water running quickly off the roof into the downpipes, you notice that water is flowing from your gutters and out the overflow.
  • Smells or overflows coming from fixtures or outside drains.

Other signs of blocked drains is there can sometimes be a smell around the drains, and if a broken pipe you may get a wet spot in the garden where the breakage or blockage is found.

What can I do to sort this out myself you ask? If it is a sink, bath or shower, you could try using a plunger (buy at hardware store or many supermarkets) as it may be a small blockage from hair or other oily/ waxy soap-based build up. It is quite obvious if this helps, as it moves the water immediately and it usually brings a little of the blockage up into the sink. However, after a few goes of the plunger, if the water doesn't begin to flow immediately, it is going to be better for a licensed specialist plumber like EPC Drains to manage the issue, as this is the number one sign that the drain is blocked further along the plumbing system.

We DO NOT recommend using harsh chemicals to try and unblock drains, particularly if you have a septic system. These are bad for the environment and do not do any better than a plunger. If your drain is blocked further in the plumbing, it is evident by the water not draining well after having used a plunger.

So, you've tried plunging but there are still drainage problems. Now it's time to call a licensed specialised Drain Cleaner, like us. Call Phil on 0411 665 438.

What our customers say

What our customers say

'...fantastic plumbers who are great at communicating and keen to find solutions to what have often been quite tricky plumbing problems...'

'...outstanding in his prompt responses to calls for help and has an excellent way of communicating by email or phone. He is my favourite tradesperson!'

'Your customer service was impeccable.'

'You arrived on site at the appointed time. You listened patiently while I explained what I thought was going on both above and below ground. You asked questions. You made an initial examination. You were friendly and courteous.'

'Phil responded promptly, turned up when he promised, investigated thoroughly, explained our options, and solved the problem...'

'It is always a pleasure to deal with someone who is honest and pleasant, and who listens to what you have to say...'

'... best move I have made with respect to using a reliable and professional tradesperson. phil has done numerous jobs at my property, all of which have been done with the utmost integrity...'