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Whilst every plumbing scenario is different, we have a proven track record of constructing reliable Drain Preventative Maintenance Programs to assist with eliminating the inconvenience of drain blockages.

Who needs a Preventative Maintenance Program?- Homeowners, hospitals, councils, restaurants, and properties with septic tanks.

Preventative maintenance for homeowners: Any homeowner who has ever had a plumber out to unblock a drain (either sewer or storm water) caused by tree roots will require ongoing maintenance to prevent an emergency call out which can be expensive and inconvenient.

For all drains affected by tree root blockage we recommend a 12 monthly application of RootX foaming herbicide to kill off any roots which are regrowing. It also prevents them from growing back and causing further damaging the drains. This proves to be a cost effective way to prevent further blockages and avoid costly dig ups and damage to driveways, paving and landscaping.

The Average cost to apply RootX herbicide is about 50% of that of clearing a drain resulting in a fully or partially blocked drain. Many of our customers take up this offer and are very pleased with the results. See our Reviews for some comments.

Preventative maintenance for restaurants:

For restaurants we advise drain cleaning of all greasy drains (Drains which come from commercial kitchens out to a grease trap) at least every 6 months. This includes the use of the Hydro jet drain cleaning machine in conjunction with an application of Grease Release formula. This breaks down the fats oils and greases in the drains and coats the pipe making it harder for the new grease to stick to it and prevents costly interruptions to service due to drain blockages. It releases those horrid smells you can get in commercial drains too. Nobody wants to be smelling your drains when they eat their lunch!

Preventative maintenance for councils: For councils we provide pit cleaning and storm water drain maintenance cleaning to prevent flooding of council buildings, car parks, and reserves.

Preventative maintenance for septic systems:
For septic drain fields we recommend de-sludging and flushing of drain fields using the Hydrojet machine at least as often as the tank is emptied which is between 3-5 years.

And in older systems we recommend using Septic Seep to condition and rejuvenate the soil in the drain field. Depending on the situation this can be done six monthly or yearly. This will aid in soil percolation and extend the life of your drain field at a fraction of the cost of renewing a whole drain field.

We currently have Drain Preventative Maintenance Programs established for individual households, hospitals, supermarkets, industry, real estate agent property management services, many owners of septic systems.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime, Phil, on 0411 665 438. We'd love to hear from you...

What our customers say

What our customers say

'...fantastic plumbers who are great at communicating and keen to find solutions to what have often been quite tricky plumbing problems...'

'...outstanding in his prompt responses to calls for help and has an excellent way of communicating by email or phone. He is my favourite tradesperson!'

'Your customer service was impeccable.'

'You arrived on site at the appointed time. You listened patiently while I explained what I thought was going on both above and below ground. You asked questions. You made an initial examination. You were friendly and courteous.'

'Phil responded promptly, turned up when he promised, investigated thoroughly, explained our options, and solved the problem...'

'It is always a pleasure to deal with someone who is honest and pleasant, and who listens to what you have to say...'

'... best move I have made with respect to using a reliable and professional tradesperson. phil has done numerous jobs at my property, all of which have been done with the utmost integrity...'